Orthodontic Therapy

Orthodontics is needed for prevention and treatment of dental and dento-skeletal malocclusion. All the possible treatments have a common goal: obtain an adequate relationship between dental arches and a correct position of dental elements.
The concept of functional rehabilitation of chewing is followed by an aesthetic benefit, so the patient can have a beautiful smile and a harmonic profile of the face. The treatment can be surgically assisted in some cases, reducing significantly the time required to move the teeth.

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    Interceptive orthodontic treatment and functional orthodontics in children
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    Adult orthodontic treatment
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    Surgically assisted orthodontic treatment

Traditional Orthodontics

Interceptive orthodontics aims to correct dento-skeletal disharmonies, which can worsen over time if not treated properly. The main objectives of this therapy are: normalize the skeletal growth, permit the eruption of all the permanent teeth and eventually remove bad habits.
This treatment is usually indicated for 6 to 9 years old children and has a limited duration (around 1 year); Then it is followed by a monitoring phase with periodic inspections. One of the most common devices is the Rapid Palatal Expander, used in cases of ogival palate. This condition is often associated with the habit of breathing through the mouth instead of the nose, snoring, sleep apnea, and all those conditions that interfere with normal breathing, as tonsillar hypertrophy , and allergic rhinitis.
The Expander allows to improve respiratory function by restoring an adequate development of the maxilla and mandible.


It is a fixed orthodontics. You can customize the brackets in your favorite colors, maybe the ones of your favorite team.


This type of orthodontics allows a reduction of the total treatment time and makes brushing easier.
For an optimal aesthetic result you can choose ceramic self-ligating brackets.


Instead of normal metal brackets you can choose transparent or ceramic brackets, which can be adapted to the color of your teeth making them virtually invisible. Maximum functional and aesthetic outcomes.

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Rapid Palatal Expander

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